Three tier Roland Boutique stand (KVgear Boo-3)
Three tier Roland Boutique stand, shown empty (KVgear Boo-3)
K-25m compatible stand for Roland Boutiques (KVgear Boo-2 and Boo-3)
Roland Boutique stand with K-25m docked, shown empty (KVgear Boo-2 or Boo-3)
KVgear Boo-3 three tier stand for Roland Aira Compact synths.  Photo courtesy Dr. Steve at Weird Medicine on SiriusXM.
Three tier Roland Boutique stand with plenty of room for cables and K-25m keyboard (KVgear Boo-3)
Three Roland Boutiques in KVgear Boo-3 stand
Roland Boutique stand that also holds Euro desktop synth (KVgear Boo-3)
Three tier Roland Boutique stand that also holds Euro desktop synth (KVgear Boo-3)
Low profile stand for Roland Boutiques (KVgear Boo-3)
Nine Roland Boutiques on three KVgear Boo-3 stands.
Three KVgear Boo-3 stands holding Roland Boutiques and Compact, plus SH-4.
Twelve Roland Boutiques on four KVgear Boo-3 stands.
Roland Boutiques and Korg Volcas on KVgear stands
Stand for six Korg Volcas (KVgear Boo-3 with Volca Trays and long tube upgrades)
Stand for six Korg Volcas (KVgear Boo-3 with Volca Trays and long tube upgrades) -- side view
Triple set of 4-tier stands for Roland Boutique and Behringer TD-3 (KVgear Boo-3 plus EDS-UX)
Triple three-tier Roland Boutique stands (KVgear Boo-3)
Ninja Tune Delay and Roland Boutiques on a stand (KVgear Boo-3).


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NOTE:  This item will be replaced by one of our modular and expandable SynthRISE Adapt stands.  Pre-orders will be taken in the last week of July, and orders will be fulfilled in mid August.

A desktop synth stand optimized for Roland Boutique and AIRA Compact synths but compatible with a huge range of other gear.  All three tiers can hold Roland AIRA Compact, Roland Boutique, Blofeld, Pulse 2, Volca. 

Upper Tier Fits:  Mother 32, Behringer Eurorack synths, Roland Boutique, Keystep, Beatstep Pro, Reface, 0-Coast, Dreadbox (nyx, erebus, hades), OTO Biscuit, Blofeld, Pulse 2, 303/606, SE Engine, OP-1, Tetr4, Korg Volca, tablet computer, and more.  See Stand Selector for full details.

For four Boutiques, add an EDS-UX upper expanderAdapt Wings in the kickstand position might be needed for stability.


  • Sleek, compact, sturdy
  • Expandable to meet your changing needs
  • Adjustable width telescoping metal tubes
  • Rubber feet and lining for silence and stability
  • Easy tool-free assembly/disassembly
  • Precision manufactured in USA by synth fanatics

    Dimensions for Stand

    • Width adjustable from 6.3" to 10.1" (159 to 257 mm).  Knobs stick out additional 0.5" (12 mm) per side
    • 10.0" deep x 12.8" tall (254 x 325 mm) 
    Dimensions for Gear
    • Gear cradle depth (lower and middle tiers) :  5.45" (138 mm)
    • Gear cradle depth (upper tier) :  4.06" (103 mm)
    • Gear can overhang rear of stand by roughly 1/2 of the cradle depth.  If extra set of optional Adapt Wings are installed at upper rear edge, then additional 3" of overhang may be possible. CAUTION:  You should carefully determine if your overhanging gear will be stable.  In some situations additional set of Adapt Wings should be installed at bottom rear of the stand to act as "kickstand".

    Compatible Accessories:

    Quantity in parentheses ( ) indicates if more than one of accessory can be used.