Elektron fans rejoice!  We have Elektron stands, Elektron Mk2 stands, Elektron Mkii stands, dual Elektron stands and triple Elektron stands.  We even have stands for Digitakt, Digitone and Heat.  And we have Elektron Model:Cycles and Model:Samples stands.  As one of the oldest manufacturers of Elektron stands, we know what's necessary to keep your Elektrons stable and secure. 

  • Utility M1, M2 and M3 stands were designed for the original Elektrons.  These stands also fit Digitakt, Digitone, Heat, Model:Cycles, Model:Sample.
  • Adapt L1 and Adapt L2 are larger stands that can hold any Elektron box including the latest angled-body MK2 (Mk ii).
  • Expansion Shelf MEDIUM allows a Digitakt/Digitone/Heat/Model:Sample/Model:Cycles to fit on a stand at the same time as a regular-width Elektron box. Expansion Shelf MEDIUM fits any tier on Utility M1, Utility M2, Utility M3, Adapt L1, Adapt L2.
  • Expansion Shelf LARGE allows two Digitakt/Digitone/Heat/Model:Sample/Model:Cycles to fit side-by-side on the same stand as regular-sized Elektron boxes. Expansion Shelf LARGE fits upper tier of Utility M2 and Utility M3, or any tier of Adapt L1 and Adapt L2.
    • OT has an extra row of cable jacks which will interfere with gear on upper tier of Utility M2 stand. Use Adapt Wings TALL on upper tier of Utility M2 upper tier to provide cable clearance.
    • Due to the cable issue, OT cannot fit on lower or middle tier of Utility M3.
  • Gear Rail and SubPiggy can hold two or more Elektron boxes above large synths or across a bunch of gear on a table.