Stand Selector

Fit Check Spreadsheet

We've examined dimensions and photos for hundreds of pieces of electronic music gear to determine which KVgear stands fit them.  Download our Fit Check spreadsheet (PDF).  Image below is the same link.

Illustrated Guide to KVgear Stands

We've put together a comprehensive set of illustrations to show the relative sizes and approximate shapes of our stands and accessories.  Download our Illustrated Guide to KVgear StandsImage below is the same link.

Stand Summary

Our stand names indicate the number of tiers and their intended use. A capital L indicates that the stand is designed for large gear while M indicates it's for medium gear.
Most stands accept a single piece of gear per tier.  But on many of our stands multiple pieces of gear can be held on a tier by adding an Expansion Shelf (large or medium), Volca Tray Shelf, or Adapt Wing TALL.
Most stands use telescoping tubes to allow the width to be adjusted from 6.25" to 10.1".  Long telescoping tube upgrades allow stands to be adjusted from 10.5" to 17.5".  The only stands of ours that do not use telescoping tubes are:  Gear Rail, SubPiggy, and Stiletto (they use infinitely adjustable threaded rods).
Adapt L1, Adapt L2:  Sized for for large gear.  Fully adjustable hook positions.  Capable of accepting almost all KVgear accessories.  Capable of holding a huge range of gear from the latest Elektrons, to Roland desktops (MC-707, MX-1, TR-8, Jupiter-Xm), any MPC, large desktop synths (Hyrdrasynth, Peak), to many small keyboard synths.
Boo-1, Boo-2, Boo-3:   Perfect for Roland Boutique, Waldorf, Volcas, Beatstep and many other small synths.  Add Volca Trays to double their capacity.
EDS-1K, EDS-2, EDS-3:  Optimized for Eurorack desktop synths of any width such as Mother-32, DFAM, Subharmonicon, Neutron, Pro-One, Model D, etc.  Also capable of holding selected other small synth gear.  A small keyboard such as a Keystep can fit directly into the EDS-1K or the EDS-LA lower adapter which fits the EDS-3 stand.  All EDS stands can accept the EDS-UX which add another tier to the top of the stand.
Utility M1, Utility M2, Utility M3:  These utility stands can hold a huge range of medium-sized gear.  They're especially good for Elektron and Dreadbox gear.

For More Information

See our KVgear YouTube Channel for more information about our stands.