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I have ordered 2 of your Utility M1 stands, which I love!

Just ordered a 3rd Utillity M1! It’s absolutely PERFECT for the SP-404 MK2. Great product!

I tried pounding on the pads really hard with it [SP-404 Mk2] in the [Utility M1] stand, and it is completely stable.

I will order another one. I have been reorganizing my desk. Things are looking slick with the stands!

Greg P. via multiple emails, January-March 2023


Thank you for your amazing products. For most synth enthusiasts, purchasing a new piece of electronic kit is something to be excited about, but hardware to mount it on, maybe not so exciting. I have to say, your range of products, their quality, well thought out design, flexibility and adaptability have changed that for me, I’m totally smitten with my purchases from KV Gear.

I purchased 3 x Boo-3’s and a Boo-1 and various hardware to accommodate a variety of different sized items. The flexibility the various accessories provide is fantastic, your products are awesome. 

Jon C. via email, Feb. 2024


I searched and searched for the best solution and this [EDS-3 desktop synth stand plus EDS-UX upper expander] is by far better than I ever imagined! I cannot recommend this enough. Way better than the official Moog or Behringer racks. I can easily move each individual 60HP case around when I need to and if I decide I want to take just one piece of gear with me to play, I don’t have it anchored to an ugly piece of metal. And I can actually see the nice wood side cheeks instead of being obscured by cold black metal. The cable management situation with these is amazing; I can run cables underneath the whole rack and between each piece of gear. Seriously, these are worth their weight in gold. Thanks again! I will be back!

Ray.Tango via email, Feb. 2022


When @kv_gear contacted me and said: “I see you put gear on the knobs of your mixer” I expected a scolding. Instead they send me two of their stands [Stiletto Flat] so I can put my 606 on there when I need to, without damaging the board. Simple and effective tools, thanks for that!

Hainbach on Instagram


Love your stands - very neat, stable and easy.

Paul Godfrey, Morcheeba


You guys rock! My Roland TR8S and Korg Monologue are now proudly displayed on a KVgear Adapt Stand L2. This stand is really solid, more sturdy than the furniture it is sitting on haha. Also, I can play both instruments comfortably while standing up now. I love the telescoping hardware, adjustable hooks and small footprint. I can see the top of my desk finally.

I play these two instruments like they're one machine, so having them both at a comfortable angle right up front is super awesome.

thesleepmachine on Reverb


Just finished reorganizing and optimizing my studio. One of the big upgrades this year are fresh synth stands from KVgear. My Moog semi-modulars rest above my Keystep Pro on top of a Gear Rail. This puts the knobs at a great height, and both panels facing me directly. I was using 3D printed stands before. Talk about an upgrade! Two Gear Rails, an Adapt Stand L2 with extra wings, and a Utility M3.

0VRLNDR on Instagram (https://0vrlndr.com)


This [SubPiggyis an incredible product. I can't believe how much this helps my set-up. It's genius! I've had my fair share of stands, and this is unmatched in quality and design.

Also very much appreciate the communication and responsiveness. Keep on Synthin!

Jared Buchan via email, Aug. 2022


I received my second order from KVgear yesterday - I am loving it! My studio has never looked so tidy, and these are amazingly sturdy and well thought out!

My compliments on your very clever work and Uber high quality. Truly I’ve not seen anything like this. Surely at least not THIS study, this sleek and compact, with such easy assembly. Not to mention the modular/ expandable features are AWESOME. For instance, I was able to convert Boo-2 into a 3 tier by adding the adapt wings and EDS top tier - took 2 mins and a very fair cost instead of kicking the dirt. Nobody else offers that. I’m inspired to redo my entire studio using solely this stuff. I have never seen it look, feel or sound better.

The SubPiggy is just genius to be honest. It is one of those things that looks like - duh that should exist - yet no one had anything of the sort!

I don’t know why folks are buying stands elsewhere!

J Jesse via email, Sep. 2022


The weight [Key Dog] works great on my vintage synths' Pratt-Read keybeds & will be especially handy during calibrations. Always wanted something like this!

Len Rice, Sep. 2023


Once again, praise goes out to Mike at @kv_gear for getting me just what I need as quickly as I need it. I’m not a fan of USB power (ground loops amirite??!?) and KVgear has a fine PA2pro AC adapter for the Korg SQ-64 and my Volcas. The piece I worked on this past weekend was made possible by the right solution delivered within 3 days at a great price. My studio is already stocked with his cleverly designed gear stands, and I’m happy to support a great company that supports electronic musicians like us so well! 

rsaintjohn on Instagram


They (@kv_gear) make great products. I own several of their Utility M1 stands, a couple of Utility M2 stands and at some point want a couple more of their Key Dogs.

synthwoz on Instagram


Just got my Boo-3 stand for my Roland Boutiques all the way in Kenya, Africa, and all I can say is WOW! Perfect fit, look great and extremely stable! Will be back again to purchase stands for my Volcas next. Thank You!

Rod L. via email


The Adapt L1 Stand is such an inspiring piece of kit; whatever I place onto it feels extremely well planted on my desk. The center bar I received is black and is adjustable in length, which seems like a total upgrade! I'll be returning for more from KV because I was honestly really pleasantly surprised by how simple yet (adaptable) their products are. Give them a shot!

Kyle C. on Reverb


Shout-out to @KV_gear for this [SubPiggy] massive extra-tier upgrade on the Sub37. This saves me desk space in the studio and allows me to use one double tier stand for a three keyboard rig. It is easily detachable for transport.

andyfunkinsmith on Instagram


Just installed the SubPiggy stand for the Subsequent37. What a well-thought-out, high-quality addition to my mobile rig! Highly recommended!

composergreg on Instagram


I’ve mounted my Elektron Analog Rytm Mk2 and Roland TR-8S on the [Adapt L2] stand and couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. Starting with the packaging -- I was impressed with how neatly everything was separated into the bag containing the parts. I definitely appreciated how each part was sealed into its own pouch in the bag; very nice touch. The materials are quite sturdy and once I got the stand assembled I haven’t thought twice about its ability to hold my instruments. I wasn’t sure how sturdy telescoping rods would be in this application, but the mechanism that locks the length of the rod in place is well-built and I’m happy to say I’m not worried about the rods slipping out of place at all.

The alternate configurations (tall vs deep) provided by the stand are a huge plus, and the ability to adjust the hooks that hold the instruments in place allows for a fine level of customization while arranging your electronics. I’ve got lots of cables running out of the back of each instrument, and the stand certainly allows easy access to the jacks on the back. I know some other stands I was looking at wouldn’t accommodate a bunch of 1/4 inch straight-connector cables sticking out of the unit on the lower rack—no issues with the Adapt L2, however.

I would highly recommend the Adapt L2 as a synth rack, and based on the build quality of this product I am interested in the other stands you offer if they fit my needs.

_ROUTER_ on Instagram


It’s hard to believe I have lived without your stands all the way up till a year ago. I think I’m about [8 orders] in with you guys just this year alone. Thanks for what you do! My studio is clean and ergonomic as a result of your products.

Keith H. via email


Exceeded my expectations [Utility M1]. Fits the Korg Monologue perfectly. Does not slide. Remains secure while playing. Solid construction. Well worth it. Makes playing & programming much more comfortable. Thank you ^•.•^

Johnny on Reverb


Love these stands and this company!  I own 4 of them.  All fantastic quality and so useful.

Joshua Wexler on Reverb


This is the 3rd stand that I have bought from KVgear and couldn't be happier!! Your stands are perfect! Thank you!

cricket1music on ebay


I'm really liking the stands a lot for my modest studio setup. I'm sure I'll get a few more as I finish up my new space. I've tried many brands of stands over the years, and I really like the materials, engineering, and aesthetic of what you have created.

Jared C. via email


Awesome product [Adapt L2]. Seller was great with communication about making sure it worked for my setup. Solved my setup layout needs perfectly.

Ben on Reverb


Have always loved your products. You make great stuff. I recommend them whenever I can.

naenyn7 on Instagram


I'm very impressed with the build quality and have sent pictures to my little modular/synth group here in Winnipeg to rave about how great the Adapt works and looks.

Patrick M. via email


Good ergonomics are vital to creative flow & immersion in the studio. KVgear stands offer an elegant, flexible solution when desktop space is at a premium.

Don Tyler
Grammy Nominated Mastering Engineer | IO Mastering & Synphaera Records


Love this stand [Adapt L2]! Elegantly designed, light weight and totally awesome. Was able to fit 2 make noise shared systems on it and it looks great!

Sam M. on Reverb


I really wanted my little Boutiques to be set up more ergonomically in my studio as hunching over them was problematic for me. Enter the Captive B2 which solves that problem elegantly with an easy foot print on my studio desk. Couldn’t be happier with this well built stand from KVgear!

Colin C. (www.thecellstudio.com/about)


My first Boo-3 holds the JP/JX/JUs. I love the space-saving design, and how MIDI and USB cords are almost invisible behind the stand. Thanks again, Mike!

Jim B. on Facebook

Awesone [Captive EK3N] stand, very simple, easy to assemble and it has made me love my elektron set up that much more. I am buying the roland stands right after this review.

Harry R. on Reverb


Pretty excited about investing in the KVgear Captive V4, volca daisy chain power cable and volca power supply. Really cleans up the cabling and makes the Volcas more accessible. They were flat before and the cables were always getting in the way.

Brad S. on Facebook


Thanks for the amazing [Gear Rail] stand. It fits together and works like a dream. It's exactly what I was after.  We put the TR8-S up on the stand after much debate on its safety and stability. After several hours of music making it held up pretty well. Care must be taken but all in all it seems to be fairly stable.

Brady K. via email

Note from KVgear:  The TR-8S is near the maximum size limit for gear on angled arms on a Gear Rail or SubPiggy.  Larger gear, such as a Behringer TD-8 will fit great when flat arms are used.


Got KVgear stands for Volcas and, if those are anything to go by, it appears that all the KVgear is not only sexy, but tough and easy to put together.

asilvermtzion on Reddit Oct. 31, 2016


The stands are beautiful and are saving me a huge amount of space and enable me to work with so much more gear in the small space I have available. The daisy chain cables for the Korg Volcas are absolutely great, making many adapters and their cables obsolete and freeing up a load of power sockets. Thank you from a very satisfied customer.

Erwin D. via email


Hey Mike, i did another order for the synth stands. im very excited to have it all set up, the Utility L2 is great and its amazing how much dynamics to performing change set up like this. well done, i appreciate your products. 

Warren P. via email


One of the best accessories [DC-5 daisy chain cable] I ever bought no doubt. Construction is as good as it gets for a cable, will probably work for a century.

radiokoala on Muffwigglers


Your stand is awesome man !!! Thanks for making those, I wish you and your family a very happy holidays

Dean C. via email


I wanted to say how happy I am with the items I ordered. I had a couple of items that I needed positioned at an angle for easier access, and had been using all kinds of half assed methods up until now. The ramp style stands are perfect for this purpose. I'm using the short one with a MicroBrute. The medium ramp is being used for a Vermona Mono Lancet '15 and a DSI Tetra, which fit perfectly together. The Key Dog also is a nice, handy little device for those times when you don't quite have as many hands and fingers as you need for what you're trying to accomplish. Again, overall, I'm very happy with these items. They're well designed, well made, and you clearly put some thought, effort, and pride into your products.

Glenn H. via email


Hey, I just wanted to let you know I got those stands and shelves. I appreciate the fantastic packing job you did and these stands are absolutely perfect! I'll definitely be getting more in the future and recommending these to my friends.

FoXoF XofoX (email)


Got a Key Dog with a stand a few weeks ago, and it was one of those "why hasn't this always existed??" things. Great solution. Solid, and the coating on the bottom doesn't make me feel like I'm scratching the keys.

Robert S (Facebook)


Received my Utility M1 stands today. Just want to say thanks for making a great product. They hold my gear solid and steady. Keep it up!

impurfekt? (Twitter)


That power supply + plug squid combo [PS-1 and DC-5] is a godsend! I power a Monotribe, Volca FM and my new Monologue off one and it does exactly what it should and pays for itself if you have 2+ recent Volca/analogue korg products. Highly recommended!

thehighesttree (Korgforums)


"If the EDS-1K was a song, it would be one by The Cars: Just What I Needed...
My two [EDS-1K] stands were delivered one week ago . . . and now my Pro-One and Model-D look proud with their respective black Keysteps. The positions and stability are just perfect, and the maniac in me is at ease, my synths will remain forever new, thanks to the well designed protective elements on every edge"
This is certainly one of the best purchases I made these last months, I didn't think that something that produces no sound would make me so happy. Now I can definitely say that they are the best stands in the world :)

Dominique M. via email Oct. 1, 2020


I first bought one [Key Dog] at Knobcon a few years ago, I liked the idea, and the attitude of the sales guy (owner?) back in 2017? Love it so much I just got two more.

Spencer M. on Facebook, Oct. 2020


Very impressed. Nice engineering. Telescoping center supports - brilliant. Price great. Nicely done. Thanks! Will order more.

Patrick F. via email, Oct. 30, 2020


You make the best music-y stands. No one else comes close.

Email from Bill S. on Dec., 4, 2020


5 stars! I needed an expertly designed stand to hold a Roland Boutique synth at just the right elevation and angle so that I could pair it with a better portable controller. I had a KVgear dual-tier in the past, so I expected this BOO-1 to be a good fit. Order placed, shipped well-packed, and received faster than projected. Turns out it was the PERFECT solution. Simple but clever engineering with a telescoping rod, plenty of clearance for MIDI, power and audio cables, solid materials. Much better than cheap wobbly 3D printed solutions, this was truly designed with the Boutique line in mind. Great product, great service, highly recommended!

RSJ on Facebook, Dec. 8, 2020


Your stands are great, if I didn't use them I don't know how I would have got as much gear onto my desk as I have.

Dave S. via email, Sep. 23, 2020


Such a perfect rack. Lets me pick up and play wherever I want. Thanx again.

Jack T. on FaceBook, Dec. 25, 2020


good god, you make great stuff. probably the only ‘put it together’ type stuff that i have no anxiety about setting up. You’ve obviously put some thought into how to make this easy and sturdy.

Gene S., Jan. 2021


@kv_gear thanks for making such great stuff! Love the adjustable length center post.

caves_and_cathedrals on Instagram, Jan. 2021


Hey there, I received it yesterday and I LOVE it! All of the materials are high quality and I can use it for several different pieces of gear. The rubber used is perfect, and everything I place onto the stand feels extremely well planted on my desk.

My Minilogue XD, Push 2 and APC40 Mk 2 all feel solid in both orientations. I will definitely be recommending this to others. Thanks for the awesome product!

Kyle C. on Reverb, Jan. 13, 2021


Stand is fantastic and space saving. Really solid, simple build. Easy to put together. Perfecto!

Jace I. on Reverb, Jan. 24, 2021


Hey fellow synth nerds. @KV_gear makes some of the best ultra specific and REALLY adaptive stands on the market. I’ve got a REALLY small space to work with, and their stands have let me stack way more than I’d ever thought possible. And AMAZING customer service to boot.

Joshua H. F. on Instagram, Nov. 30, 2020

The Moogs are mounted on the EDS-2 stand from @KV_gear. Super solid and highly recommended!

Sirius on Instagram, Dec. 21, 2021


This is the second [Adapt L2] stand I have purchased and it is very high quality! Shipped quickly and well packaged! I will be buying more in the future!

William H. – Aug 16th, 2020


Thank you guys for selling this. I just got it [DC-5 daisy chain cable] and plugged it up to all my gear and it works beautifully! Incredible quality!  I bought the Captive V2 stand for my Korg Volcas and I have to say the delivery, quality, and customer service was top notch. Will be a return customer for sure!

Anthony A. – Jun 19th, 2020 on Reverb


Love this stand [Boo-3]! Really changed the whole experience with my boutique synths. Super solid, perfect fit, wires route without issue. Couldn’t ask for more.

Derek K. – May 8th, 2020 on Reverb


Excellent little stand [Captive V2]. Looks as nice as the pics and has quality parts. Would be easy to paint or stain as you wish. I left mine as is cause I think it looks sweet. Thanks!

Joel M. – Mar 14th, 2020 on Reverb


got home, got stands.
love them.
so glad to have found your products
The stands are FANTASTIC!
could not be more pleased, thanks so much.

Rick S, Nashville, TN 


loving both of my lobe v3 stands for my volcas. straight up solid all around!!! thanks man and keep up the great work!

Ken S. via email


Can confirm, just got the Utility L2 and my Airas look amazing on it.

siamlloydKARP on Reddit

Everybody I've shown this [Lobe V4] to ended up ordering one. Such a sweet looking stand!

frozencities (on Instagram)


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