Euro Desktop (Moog, Behringer)

Stands are available to hold 1 to 4 Eurorack desktop synths of nearly any width.  See our Stand Selector for details.

  • EDS-1K, EDS-2 and EDS-3 are optimized for Eurorack desktop synths. Also capable of holding other small gear.  
  • EDS-1K holds Eurorack desktop synth or other small to medium-sized gear above minikey keyboard.
  • EDS-LA allows Keystep or other minikey keyboard to dock in bottom tier of EDS-3
  • EDS-UX adds extra tier to EDS-2 and EDS-3, or many of our other stands. 
  • Boo-1, Boo-2 and Boo-3 can hold Eurorack desktop synth in their upper tiers.
  • Utility M1, Utility M2 and Utility M3 can hold 1, 2 or 3 Eurorack desktop synths with approximately 2.5" (65 mm) spacing between synths.
  • Stiletto Flat and Stiletto Angled can hold 1 Eurorack desktop synth.