KVgear Gear Rail holding looper and Beatstep above Prophet 6 keyboard
Gear Rail
Gear Rail
Gear Rail
Sequential P5 and P10 desktop synths on KVgear Gear Rail above Oberheim OBX8.
KVgear Gear Rail holding Hydrasynth desktop above minilogue
KVgear Gear Rail holding Hydrasynth desktop above minilogue
KVgear Gear Rail holding Novation AFX Station and Elektron Rytm MkII above Sequential OB-6
KVgear Gear Rail holding Novation Circuit and Arturia Minilab above Deluge
KVgear Gear Rail holding Microbrute and Model D above MIDI keyboard
Moog Subharmonicon and DFAM on KVgear Gear Rail stand above Keystep Pro.
KVgear Gear Rail holding TR-82 and Crave above Poly D
KVgear Gear Rail holding Mother 32 and DFAM above Moog Grandmother
KVgear Gear Rail holding minilogue above Moog Matriarch
Gear Rail
Gear Rail
KVgear Gear Rail holding Arturia Microfreak and a controller above an iRig49
KVgear Gear Rail holding Arturia Microfreak and a controller above an iRig49

Gear Rail

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This is the desktop cousin of our innovative SubPiggy stand. Unlike the SubPiggy, the Gear Rail doesn't contact the synth. It's ideal for holding Eurorack skiffs above CV ports of the Matriarch, Grandmother, Pro-2,  Pro-3, Matrixbrute, Minibrute 2, Waldorf KB37, minilogue and many others. It can make performing and playing much easier by allowing you to place fx pedals, a controller keyboard, desktop synth, looper, drum machine, laptop or tablet within easy reach of a large synth's control panel. You can even use it to hold outboard gear above the back edge of a 32 channel mixer!

Gear support arms on the Gear Rail can be easily repositioned or rearranged and then locked in place. Add or remove support arms as your needs change.  Or change the length of the Gear Rail with our Tube Extender Kit.


  • Lengths to fit almost any 25 to 49 key synth (26.625" is for Grandmother).  Greater lengths possible with our Gear Rail Tube Extender Kit
  • Maximum total weight of gear on Gear Rail is 6.8 kg (15 lb). You can exceed this weight limit if you're careful not to push or pull on the fully loaded stand.
  • Gear support arms are 6.75" deep and are available angled or flat (horizontal).
  • Thick rubber trim prevents gear from sliding around on the arms.
  • Angled arms can hold: Deluge, Reface, iPad, and much more
  • Decksavers compatible

Fits on angled or flat arms:

  • Moog Mother-32, DFAM, Subharmonicon
  • Behringer Neutron, Model D, Wasp Deluxe, Cat, K-2, Pro-1
  • Elektron boxes (all models)
  • Hydrasynth desktop
  • RD-8
  • MicroFreak
  • Yamaha Reface (requires HE-2 hook extenders)
  • RC-505, RC-202, TR-8 (original version), MX-1, TB-3, VT-3 (requires HE-2 hook extenders)
  • TR-8S (tendency to tip backwards; only install if there's a wall immediately behind it)

Fits only on flat arms:

  • TR-808, TR-909
  • Maschine, MPC, minikey keyboard, and much more
  • Korg Minilogue
  • Minibrute, Microbrute


    • Flat Arms: 8.12" (206 mm) table to bottom of gear
    • Angled Arms: 7.69" (195 mm) table to bottom front of gear; 34 degree angle. 11.47" (291 mm) table to upper rear corner of support arm
    • Side panels that contact table or desk:  9.4" (240 mm) deep

    Optional Accessories:


    • (2) end panels
    • (4) support arms with locking collars (specify angled or flat arms when ordering)
    • (2) rigid support tubes
    • (4) steel/plastic knobs