Gear Rail Tube Extender Kit

Gear Rail Tube Extender Kit

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Extend the width of a Gear Rail by adding an extra set (or sets) of tubes.  Choose from a variety of available tube lengths and tube types.  

    The boot-shaped Splice Support Panel provides strength and stability to the joint between the two sets of tubes, ensuring that the extra-long Gear Rail stand will be just as solid and stable as a regular one.  Special fasteners ensure that the joint will stay tight.

    This kit can be attached to any Gear Rail, whether it’s a new one you’ve just ordered, or one that you purchased in the past.

      Telescoping Tube Options:  Gear support arms cannot be mounted to the telescoping tubes; they can only be mounted to rigid tubes.   Depending on how you have gear arranged across the width of your Gear Rail, this might result in you not being able to place gear all the way at the end where the telescoping tubes are.


      • (1) Splice support panel
      • (2) Tubes.  Specify length and type when ordering
      • (2) Threaded coupler studs
      • (2) Thread-locking tape