Expansion Shelf Medium holds small items on a desktop synth stand.
Expansion Shelf Medium can fit on most KVgear desktop synth stands.
Expansion Shelf Medium holds Pocket Operators on Utility M3 desktop synth stand.
KVgear Utility M3 desktop synth stand with shelves for Elektrons and Meris pedals.

Expansion Shelf, Medium

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This shelf holds multiple small items on a KVgear stand.  Several holes in the shelf serve double duty:  for joining 2 shelves into a nearly double-wide unit using our Expansion Shelf Splice Kit, and as zip tie attachment points.  Will fit:  fx pedals, Pocket Operator, Volcas, VT-3, TB-3, or smartphone. See Stand Selector for full details.

This shelf is NOT a stand. A stand, sold separately, is required to hold it.

Made of steel with a durable black powder coat paint.

Dimensions ( Width x Depth x Height)

  • 13.4" x 6.0" x 1.0"
  • 340 x 153 x 25 mm

Compatible with these stands

Quantity in parentheses ( ) indicates if more than one shelf will fit a stand.


Simply place the shelf on a tier of a stand, then place one or more pieces of small gear on the shelf.  The two holes in the shelf are not needed during installation or use; they exist only for use during manufacturing and painting.