Frame, brackets and hardware for mounting a Korg Volca in a Eurorack modular case (KVgear Volca Eurorack Mounting Kit)
KVgear Volca Eurorack Mounting Kit parts
Korg Volca mounted into a KVgear Volca Eurorack Mounting Kit
Four Korg Volcas mounted in Eurorack frame adapters.

Volca Eurorack Mounting Kit

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Ever wished you could put a Volca into a Eurorack case? Here's your chance. This nifty kit allows a Volca to be secured to the rails of a Eurorack case.

  • 3U tall x 46 HP wide
  • Frame is 16 gauge steel with industrial black powder coat paint
  • Support brackets are thick plastic
  • Includes all hardware to attach Volca to frame. 
  • You must supply the screws to attach the frame to your Eurorack case

NOTE: Before purchasing, ensure that your case rails are narrow enough to allow a Volca to fit. Using your hands, place your Volca into your case to determine how far it will protrude from your case.  The Volca Eurorack Mounting Kit can be assembled in either of two depth settings to accommodate either shallow or deep installation of a Volca into a case.  A Volca can be installed at either of two depths, with the faceplate of the Volca sticking out above (outward from) the faceplate of Eurorack modules by either 3.5 mm (0.138") or 23.8 mm (0.338").