Daisy chain cable for Volcas, KVgear DC-5
Korg Volca daisy chain splitter cable, KVgear DC-5
DC-5 Daisy Chain Cable
DC-5 Daisy Chain Cable
Right angle barrel plugs for Korg Volcas.  Shown on KVgear DC-5 daisy chain cable.
Korg Volca with right angle plug from KVgear DC-5 daisy chain cable
DC-5 Daisy Chain Cable
DC-5 Daisy Chain Cable
DC-5 Daisy Chain Cable
Five Volcas powered by a single power supply buy using KVgear DC-5 daisy chain cable.

DC-5 Daisy Chain Cable

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Call it a Volca daisy chain cable. Or a Volca splitter cable. Or a Volca multi-adapter. Or even a squid cable.  Any way you call it, the DC-5 eliminates clutter and saves you money. Connect it to a single power supply (sold separately) to power up to five Korg Volcas or other devices on the list below.


  • Right angle connectors to position wires away from Volca top panel, eliminating clutter and leaving more room for you to perform
  • High-quality molded strain reliefs and high-quality connectors.  Factory molded and rugged enough for many years of use.
  • Length from base jack to one of the barrel plugs is 790 mm (31 inches)

Recommended power adapter:

  • Our KVgear PA2pro is a perfect match
  • Will work with any power supply that is 9 VDC center positive with a 4.75 x 1.7 mm barrel plug. Current capacity should be 1500 mA or higher.
  • KVgear PA2pro, Korg KA-350 or Korg 9V600MACPP are guaranteed to fit perfectly with the DC-5. NOTE: Many aftermarket power supply manufacturers cut corners and use a 4.0 x 1.7 mm barrel plug, which leads to intermittent loss of power through the daisy chain cable.

Why buy from KVgear?

  • Guaranteed fit. Guaranteed performance. Guaranteed quality. (3 year free-replacement warranty on manufacturing defects)
  • We have the longest history of providing daisy chain cables for Volca users anywhere in the world.
  • We're a tiny company of synth fanatics dedicated to providing products tailored to the needs of electronic musicians.

Compatible devices:

  • All Volcas, including Mix
  • electribe, electribe sampler
  • KR mini
  • KROSS (not compatible with KROSS 2)
  • microKORG XL, microKORG XL+
  • microSTATION
  • minilogue
  • monologue
  • monotribe
  • MS-20 mini
  • Pitchblack Pro
  • RK-100S
  • SQ-64
  • tinyPIANO
  • WAVEDRUM Global Edition, WAVEDRUM Mini
  • Sonicware Liven (all models)