Korg Volca Power Supply PA2Pro, Australia plugs
Korg Volca Power Supply --AUSTRALIA PLUGS-- PA2Pro
Korg Volca Power Supply --AUSTRALIA PLUGS-- PA2Pro
Korg Volca Power Supply --AUSTRALIA PLUGS-- PA2Pro

Korg Volca Power Supply --AUSTRALIA PLUGS-- PA2Pro

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This version is for Australian wall outlets. A version for USA outlets is also available. UK and EU versions can be purchased at SME Music in the UK. 

The PA2pro is a high quality power adapter designed for use with dozens of Korg products (see list below). It's a direct replacement for Korg KA350 and 9V600MACPP power adapters. We've custom designed the PA2pro with a unique blend of features you won't find elsewhere:

  • High current capability, making it ideal for use with the KVgear DC-5 daisy chain cable.
  • Right angle barrel plug to keep your Volca top panel uncluttered.
  • Barrel plug EXACTLY matches what Korg uses. Many aftermarket power adapters take a cheap shortcut by using a different size.
  • It only takes a single space on your power strip, thanks to its inline housing with AC cord.
  • Meets the highest global standard for energy efficiency.


output: regulated 9 VDC, 2000 mA, center positive
input: 50/60 Hz, auto-switching between 100 and 240 VAC.
total cable length = 71 inches (1.8 m)

You might notice that the PA2pro current capability is higher than the KA350. That doesn’t mean it will fry your delicate Volcas. The Volcas will only pull as much current as they need. Since current isn’t pushed by the power supply, its excess current capability will go unused.  The high current capability of the PA2pro is beneficial when used with the DC-5 daisy chain cable.


Why buy from KVgear?

  • Guaranteed fit. Guaranteed performance. Guaranteed quality. (3 year free-replacement warranty on manufacturing defects)
  • We have the longest history of providing daisy chain cables for Volca users anywhere in the world.
  • We're a tiny company of synth fanatics dedicated to providing products tailored to the needs of electronic musicians.

Compatible devices:

  • All Volcas, including Mix
  • electribe, electribe sampler
  • KR mini
  • KROSS (not compatible with KROSS 2)
  • microKORG XL, microKORG XL+
  • microSTATION
  • minilogue
  • monologue
  • monotribe
  • MS-20 mini
  • Pitchblack Pro
  • RK-100S
  • SQ-64
  • tinyPIANO
  • WAVEDRUM Global Edition, WAVEDRUM Mini