SynthRISE at Superbooth

Thanks for visiting us at booth W207 at Superbooth 2024. We were founded in 2013 as KVgear and are now the longest established manufacturer of synth stands on the planet.  But the KVgear name has been put to rest and we are now SynthRISE.  This new name better reflects our focus on providing stands to hold and elevate your gear.

We are so excited to reveal our patent-pending modular Adapt system, which provides an almost endless amount of adjustability and expandability.  Production on the new stands has begun and we will be ready to ship them to customers in the last week of June.

Worldwide shipping is available.  See below for options:

Check back at the home page of this site beginning June 1 for product pages for all 15 of our Adapt stands:

  • Adapt Small 1 tier
  • Adapt Small 2 tier
  • Adapt Small 3 tier
  • Adapt Small Euro 2K (keyboard tier plus gear tier)
  • Adapt Small Euro 2 tier
  • Adapt Small Euro 3 tier
  • Adapt Medium1 tier
  • Adapt Medium 2 tier
  • Adapt Medium 3 tier
  • Adapt Large tier
  • Adapt Large 1 tier
  • Adapt Large 2 tier
  • Adapt Tier
  • Adapt Mech
  • Adapt Gear Rail