Hook Extender (pair)
Hook Extender (pair)
Hook Extender (pair)

Hook Extender (pair)

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The hooks on KVgear stands are designed to safely grip a wide range of gear while remaining unobtrusive.  But there are a few situations where extra grip is needed. 

If the bottom front face of gear is angled AND if it's on a steep tier of a stand, it's possible for the gear to slip.  The following have angled bottom front faces:  Roland RC-202, RC-505, TR-626, Jupiter Xm, early Roland Aira synths (TR-8, MX-1, TB-3, VT-3), microKorg.  The following are considered steep tiers:   angled support arms on Gear Rail and SubPiggy, upper tier of Adapt L2, either tier of Adapt L1 or L2 when set up in steep orientation, EDS-UX, Boo-2, Boo-3, Utility M3, Volc45.

NOTE:  The TR-8S has a square front face and does NOT need Hook Extenders.

Those people living in earthquake-prone areas might want to consider adding Hook Extenders for all gear on all KVgear stands.

INSTALLATION:  To install, simply pull off the rubber trim on a hook tab on your KVgear stand, then push a Hook Extender onto the bare hook tab. The Hook Extender will naturally be a little flexible. Although not required, you may use superglue (cyanoacrylate adhesive) to permanently affix the Hook Extenders to a stand.

Dimensions:  1" (25 mm) long each

Compatible with the following KVgear stands:

  • Adapt
  • Boo
  • EDS
  • Stiletto Angled
  • Utility
  • Gear Rail angled arms
  • SubPiggy angled arms