Volca & AIRA Compact

Korg Volca and Roland AIRA Compact stands are available to hold 1 to 10 synths (or SQ-1) at a variety of angles and spacings.   

  • Boo series holds 1, 2 or 3 Volcas or AIRA Compact.  Add extra tier with EDS-UX upper expander or double capacity by adding Volca Trays.  Boo stands feature a stair-step layout which prevents cables on one synth from blocking access to the touch strip or controls on the adjacent Volca or AIRA Compact.
  • EDS-1K with Volca Tray holds 2 Volcas or AIRA Compact above a minikey controller or synth.
  • Stiletto Flat and Stiletto Angled hold 1 Volca or AIRA Compact each.  Double the capacity with a Volca Tray and Stiletto XL Rod.
  • Expansion Shelf Large holds 4 Volcas or AIRA Compact, and fits on Adapt L1 and Adapt L2.  Two of these shelves on an Adapt L2 hold a total of 8 units!  Can also fit on other KVgear stands.  See our Stand Selector for details.
  • Volca Eurorack Mounting Kit holds 1 Volca in a Eurorack case or skiff.

Volca power accessories are available elsewhere on this site.